January 23, 2008

Vermont 3.0

While listening to Vermont Public Radio I overheard that on Saturday, January 26 2008 there will be a career fair for creatives and techies. Some of the work we do at my office deals with recruitment from some clients so I decided to check into the site to see what Web 2.0 strategies they are using to spread the word about the event.

I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the fact that they adopted Facebook and used the Fan site option to spread the word to Facebook members.
For bloggers, podcasters, people with their own website and those that might have MySpace I like the way that they developed mini flash and still ads that people can take and place on their website of choice.

Kudos to Vermont 3.0 for their innovative efforts in grassroots marketing and online social networking.

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John Ciempa said...

Well, I attended this event and have to say it was definately worth having gone too. Even though I was not looking for a new job, there were great speakers every hour, on the hour that kept me busy. In addition, it was nice seeing the many familiar faces from Vermont's business community.

Cheers, JJ Ciempa