December 12, 2007

I am an ENFP

Over the last few weeks our office has been involved in discovering the type of work and communication styles each of the team members are as a way to learn more about how to effectively work together.  

We have been using the Myers-Briggs type indicator to deDolphintermine what each of our personality types are and interestingly enough my type has a natural draw toward begin a journalist (ENFP). This is a strong indication to why I chose public relations as my profession. I also learned that the dolphin is the animal that represents an ENFP.

To break it down for you, my letters stand for:

E = Extroverted; N = Intuition; F=Feeling; P = Perceiving 

After completing our team building I learned new ways to communicate with the other 15 different personality types. In addition, I gained an understanding that my profile is good for intuitively seeing underlying connections between relationships. This is particularly important since the "R" in PR is all about relationship building and maintaining.

An ENFP is also known for their role as the "inspirer." We are able to invest into a relationship with another individual and stir up some inspiration to get ideas started and goals accomplished.   

Our uncanny ability to intuitively understand people within a relatively short period of time proves that we are an asset for any "PR" position because we see important relations connections that others cannot.

Our decision making process is based on intuition and perception which for other types may come off as soft facts. However, we consider the impact of a decision on a personal level and try to accommodate everyone's interests.

As for the "limited" negatives that come with an ENFP. We can tend to fail with follow through on our duties if we do not feel excited about them and need to keep ourselves in check so that we do not jump to the wrong conclusions.

Aside from that we are born communicators, risk-taking, ingenious, people-focused, intuitive and energetic people with a wide range of abilities and possibilities to embrace and bring to the world around us.

Let me know what your type is and feel free to comment about mine...


Anonymous said...

John - Amusing to see that we're similar. I've never done the *full* Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, but I've done smaller versions (and online tools) a number of times and generally always come back as either an ENTP or ENFP. I find the whole area quite fascinating.

phillip jones said...

Aloha John,
our hospice office in hawaii did a myers-briggs program as well recently. in your training, were all of the types connected to animals? do you have a list of types and corresponding animals? who created this?

John J. Ciempa said...

All types were connected to animals. I will have to look back in my files to see if I still have a copy of the animals chart. The information was put together by a company called Wylde Collaborations. They may have resources on their website and you should be able to connect with Mary Wylde to see about getting the chart and better answering your questions.

Cheers and thanks for reading.

- JJ Ciempa