April 17, 2008

"Friends of Ethan Allen Park" Publicity


Burlington's own WCAX CH 3



It is always great to see local media involved with community efforts. And for those interested in joining the "Friends of Ethan Allen Park" feel free to contact me at

April 2, 2008

Friends of Ethan Allen Park get recognized

Neighborhood Leadership Group Award 2008













One of the groups that I chair was recognized this evening at City Hall by the Community Economic Development Office to honor their volunteerism. On behalf of the volunteers,

I had the honor of receiving the award, along with David & Ann Arms, which will be hung at the Burlington Department of Parks and Recreation's main office. I decided to post this entry because as I was at the event, I realized that every day volunteers work in the shadows to better a situation. Most, if not all of them never expect to be recognized because they love what they do. 

The "Friends of Ethan Allen Park" are the same way. They are a group of neighbors to Ethan Allen Park that recognized a situation where a historical site was being misused and abused. David Arms decided to create a group that would look after the park, which has now become an group of 17 plus that go up to the tower twice a day to lock and unlock the gate so that the public can enjoy the park and all its perks. (The tower being one).

Groups such as the "Friends of Ethan Allen Park" truly embody the nature of public relations. Each member of the group brings a talent, but it is ultimately up to the groups ability to "communicate" both internally and externally to be successful. In order to get volunteers, one must learn how to market the group. To spread the word, one must become a publicist. To get government aid $$$, one must become a lobbyist.

The below video is an interview with Vermont's Own, WCAX Ch3 that our group landed in 2007. Enjoy