October 6, 2007

How do bloggers communicate

As a new blogger and communications consultant I am trained to communicate flawlessly with precise execution of spoken language.

However, as a member of society that is not how we communicate with each other. Flaws are everywhere. Sentences do not make sense, and use of words may even be incorrect.

One of my biggest concerns about blogging is that readers will see my writing flaws and discredit my thoughts. Errors in punctuation, mis-spelled words and maybe even non-complete sentences will happen from time to time. Should the reader expect perfection or look beyond the written text to the messages being published.

Do we as bloggers communicate our written posts according to a set of style rules similar to that of the newspapers? AP Style. Or Do we as bloggers communicate our written posts according to how we speak them?

Many fellow bloggers feel that we should communicate through our blog according to how we would communicate in person. On one of my favorite podcasts, "For Immediate Release" a brief discussion took place about how bloggers communicate when blogging and both Shel and Neville agreed that when they blog they write their posts as if speaking them to the reader.

I think that when we communicate via blogging spelling and grammar are important, but should not be the focus when determining if what the blogger communicates is valuable.

As more blogging happens the written word becomes better formulated with less errors, but the purpose of a blog is to communicate ideas, generate conversation and provide a publication outlet for everyone. Not just journalists, writers and professionals.

If this is true, then as a blogger will my written errors decrease the validity of my thoughts, messages and information being relayed thus discrediting my ideas within the posts?

I would love to have a comment on this thought to see what fellow bloggers feel about blog writing style.

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